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Resources to help you meet your customers' requirements.

As an ex-Tetra Development Manager, Rob Humphreys founded M4 to work solely to benefit the partner community, giving independently tailored solutions when the individual needs of the user go beyond the standard software.

M4 has worked alongside Sage (formerly Tetra) since 1989. We have established a position sitting comfortably between Sage and the partner community, providing additional modules and tailored enhancements for Sage 500/1000 systems. M4 was awarded the status of  "Complementary Software House" in 1993.

Having been in this field for 20 years, M4 has acquired a vast knowledge of Sage Enterprise products, which enables us to produce enhancements that fit seamlessly into the standard software. In addition to our tailoring service, we offer a range of complementary modules that have been constructed to help provide a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to the most commonly requested enhancements.

M4 services - Tailoring

Tailoring can range from simple, single-day enhancements to complex subsystems, and is developed using Sage's own C-Base language to blend unnoticeably into the user's system. Quotations can be provided within 24 hours for smaller jobs, while projects that require a more detailed specification will be dealt with on a one-to-one basis either with the partner or, with permission, directly with the user.

M4 products

Enhanced Sales Order Processing

EOP was constructed after it was found that there was a need for a fast, more efficient way of processing orders. One of M4's most popular packages to date, it is regularly enhanced with user-requested features, such as:

  •  Ultra-Fast Order Entry within definable action defaults

  •  Enhanced Scheduled/Call-off Orders

  •  Enhanced Back-to-Back Processing

  • EPOS with Credit Card processing

  • Stock and Customer Notes
  • Despatch Notes in Invoice Format or sorted by Bin No.

  • Carriage Charges and Credit Card Payments

  • Customer Templates

  • Prioritising Back Order Release

  • Enhanced Order Enquiry

Interfaces: Financials  Stock  Order/ Invoice Import

A comprehensive suite of interfaces to import data from third-party systems, with features such as:

  • Batch and real-time update

  • Full validation and error reporting

  • Ability to perform trial run

Clothing industry

Not just for the clothing industry, but a useful addition for all companies that stock products in colours and/or sizes:

  • Matrix entry in SOP, POP and Stock

  • Consolidated documents for easy reading and space saving

  • Full sales and stock history for each colour and size

  • Autogeneration of stock items

  • Unlimited number of sizes and colours allowed

Recurring invoicing

An ideal solution wherever it is necessary to generate repeat invoices on a regular basis:

  • Users can set up standard invoices with recurring frequency

  • Invoices are automatically generated at the next scheduled billing date

  • Full reporting available before invoice generation

We are always happy to answer any queries you have on our products and services. So please contact  John Davis on 0118 935 7061or email enquiries@m4software.co.uk.


About m4 software
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